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Welcome to TrancefixionRadio

We are your Global Trance webradio.

With us you listen to the best Trance Music


VocalTrance, Uplifting Trance, Melodic Trance, Eurhoric Trance, TechnoTrance,

Progresive Trance, Trance and Psychedelic Trance


We are a classic internet broadcaster and convinced that the Internet is unbeatable.

Our Deejays bring good mood and the best trance hits on their live shows. In addition, our Deejays regularly offer self-produced live mixes.

You can listen to TrancefixionRadio wherever you have access to the Internet. Especially for mobile devices / smartphones we have found a technical solution with which you have a perfect sound quality and a very low data consumption.

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Björn Ihrig 

Pfarrgasse 3

64569 Nauheim


+49 1779007014


James Dust ( DJ and Event Manager )

                         ( Financial Management )

+49 1723924231




Frank Harris ( DJ and Radio Producer )

Ringweg 40

74889 Sinsheim

+49 171 8325226


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